What is Clue HQ?

Clue HQ hosts various themed rooms full of clues, riddles, locks and puzzles. Each game challenges groups of up to six guests to use team work and initiative to escape within sixty minutes. It’s a real life escape room.

What games are available?

At present, we have 2 games available. Both are games are challenging without being ultra devious and we provide more or less or no clues depending on the skill level of the guests. For more information about what the game entails, visit our Games page.

What are your opening times?

Advanced online bookings only. Our opening times vary, so we recommend looking at our booking page (and clicking book now). This will give you a live calendar of what is available. We plan to open initially Thursday and Friday 4.30pm – 11.30pm and Saturday to Sunday 10.00am – 11.00pm but open daily during the October 2015 half term. We are closed on Mondays through Wednesday.

Who's it suitable for?

Friends, family, stags and hen do’s, corporate team building events, nights out – anyone who would like to experience something different and previously unseen in the north west! All ages are welcome, though we feel those under 10 may find it too difficult/confusiong. Those 10 to 15 must have an adult over the age of 18.

How many people can go in at once?

We can have up to 6 people in any 1 game and up to 12 people across the two present games (future games are planned at a later stage. 2 people can attempt the games but we recommend a minimum of 3 people or more typically.  We will be looking to host a solution to match up smaller parties to play together at a later date.  If you have any questions about the size of your group give us a ring on 0780 3591231 or send us an email to [email protected]

Are the games physical?

At no point is strength required through the game. Some things within the game do require physical movement but nothing strenuous.  Bunker 38 will contain some moderate physical exertion for 1 player.  You’ll have to play to find out what that involves.

I'm pregnant, can I join in?

Yes! There’s nothing physical, and we can put a chair in the room if you’d like to sit down at any point. The door is not physically locked and you can come out if you are required without penalising the game.

Locked in a room - is it claustrophobic?

No, the room itself does have a bit of space to it unless you have extreme claustrophobia. You can exit the room (via the entrance door) at any point. If you are worried please ensure you let our Games Host know before you enter.  One of the rooms in bunker 38 is smaller but you can remain in a larger room giving advice until they have cracked the final code.  You may want to consider coming with fewer players than the maximum if claustrophobia is a fear.

Do you cater for guests with disabilities?

Yes, we’ll do everything we can to assist guests with disabilities. The terrain around the premises and to the toilet has a mud path and slopes in places and not ideal for wheelchairs especially if it has been raining but the venue itself should be fine.  I suggest you call in advance with any special requirements for example if you would prefer to play without music/flashing lights if you have somebody autistic who is sensitive to such things..

Do you serve alcohol?

No. Under no circumstances are you to consume any alcohol before playing your game. If you arrive noticeably under the influence of any alcohol (the same goes for drugs) you will not be admitted or refunded. This is in the judgement of the Clue HQ team.


How do I book?

All bookings are made online, in advance. It’s a live game experience, and therefore we are unable to accept cancellations and have a strict no refund policy. This includes when using gift vouchers from our own or 3rd party sites.

How long should I expect the experience to last?

You’ll receive a short briefing when you first arrive which should last around 15 minutes. The actual game lasts around 60 minutes (depending on how quickly and if you escape). Then the debrief should last around 10 minutes where we’ll take a free group photo.

What time should I arrive on the day?

Aim for 15 minutes before your game time is due to start and we will get you debriefed ready for your adventure.  We suggest you go to the toilet before journeying out if you can as can’t go after the game starts and if lots of people suddenly need the toilet it can delay start time.

What if I'm running late?

Try to give us a call on 07494 499379 or e-mail us on [email protected]  as soon as possible to let us know or you can check if live chat is running on the website. Even if you’re running late we sometimes allow you to play with a reduced time limit. It is likely your game time will be reduced if you arrive late. Due to bookings after your timeslot (and the reset time required) if you are more than 20 minutes late your game will be cancelled and you will not be refunded or rescheduled.


Where is Clue HQ located?

  • ClueHQ Brentwood is located at a Secret Barracks at the back entrance (not the main entrance) to the  Secret Nucleur Bunker Site at Kelvedon Hatch near Brentwood, CM14 5TL
  • Please click HERE to view our location on google maps or HERE to see how it looks on street view
  • You can send the location to your phone from the page above sent to phone
  • We would recommend to print off a map and directions if you won’t have access to sat nav on the day – you can access directions from the page above


  • We are listed on Google Maps – just search for Clue HQ Brentwood
  • We are listed on Waze – search for Clue HQ Brentwood
  • We are listed on IOS Maps – search for Clue HQ Brentwood
  • For other SAT Nav systems there is a good chance will be listed if you are able to get map updates.
  • At night look for signs with reflective tape around and on arrows that will lead you to us – we are a barracks up a small road on the left hand side
    BarracksPark directly behind the building and the entrance is on that side where you will be welcomed.

If you have any issues then

Can I catch the bus to Clue HQ?

Due to it’s location we suggest you would typically want to come by car or taxi but it is possible to get a bus from Brentwood to Kelvedon Hatch Nucleur Bunker (there is a bus stop a short walk away) which takes about 20 minutes when it is running and from nearby Ongar takes about 7 minutes.  You would then have a further walk of about 15 minutes to get to the main bunker complex where the ClueHQ game is nearby.  You can plan your journey at

Can I catch the train to Clue HQ?

Clue HQ Brentwood is based in nearby Kelvedon Hatch and the best way to get there is by car or taxi.  You can get a train to nearby Brentwood (on the Kings Road – ) and then a taxi across. Brentwood has regular trains to London Liverpool Street which take about 35-40 minutes depending on train.  Our location is 6 miles away from Brentwood (about 15 minutes drive)

Is there somewhere to park the car?

Clue HQ Brentwood offers parking on the road right next to where the event takes place and you take a nice long winding road which adds to the atmosphere before you get started on your adventure.


Where can I see a list of your full terms and conditions?

A PDF file of our terms and conditions is available here.

Do you have public liability insurance?

A PDF file of our public liability insurance certificate is available here.

Have you completed a risk assessment?

A PDF file of our risk assessment is available here. If you need to conduct a risk assessment visit before your trip to Clue HQ then please let us know via the contact page

Do you have an access statement?

A PDF file of our access statement is available by clicking here.