If you need help we are here for you – contact us by phone, email, chat or even by postcard.

We're running late...

If you’re running late please call us on 07494 499379 or 0780 3591231 (backup line) contact us using the chat feature in the bottom right – if nobody is online you can leave a message and that will go to the owner’s email which will notify him. If you have any trouble you can also try to send us an e-mail – [email protected]

My voucher code isn't being accepted by the booking system

For full instructions on how to book using a pre-purchased deal please visit our vouchers page.

I would like to ask about currently availability

To see current availability please head to our booking page and scroll down to the booking calendar towards the bottom of the page. This will show you a live calendar with our most current availability which is constantly changing.  You must book at least 12 hours in advance of your slot.  If you have a last minute booking enquiry to see if we have any available slots that say day (less than 12 hours) then please email [email protected] or call on 07494 499379.  Thanks

When booking, it didn't go through but the time slot has now disappeared

If you did not see a confirmation screen, and haven’t received an e-mail with your confirmation, your booking has not gone through.

The time slot disappears when someone is booking that slot to prevent 2 people booking the same slot.

The time slot should reappear after 15 minutes. If it does not, it may have been booked by someone else.

I would like to chat with somebody - do you offer Online chat

Yes we certainty do – between the hours of 10am and 8pm you can generally make use of the chat service on the bottom right.  Somebody is not there constantly and if nobody answers you can put in your email and somebody will get back to you as soon as they can.

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