Training Special £49 for up to 6 players in Dungeon of Doom  or Sacrifice weekend (usually £90) of 6th/7th July and 13th/14th July (10am,12,2,4pm).  Extra players can be added for £5 per person (usually £15) – (up to 8 in Dungeon and up to 10 in Sacrifice)

You wake up, blindfolded and disorientated, with no recollection of how you came to be here. You quickly learn that in order to escape you must compete for your life. Every human must face this test at some point in their lifetime, to seek out the survivors and eliminate the unworthy. In this race against time and your friends, will you be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for your own survival? You have one hour to prove yourself; it’s them… or you.
Your friend has been wrongly accused of murder, and sentenced to death. They are locked in the confines of a medieval dungeon and it’s up to you to break in and save them. Can you free your friend and escape the dungeon together before the guard patrols the area again. You’ve got 60 minutes or you’ll all be sentenced to the same fate.
We need your help..

How to Book

Visit our booking page and there will be a training special option there – choose that and then choose the right time and date for your adventure.  We look forward to hosting you.