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Took on Bunker 38.... and escaped! For my birthday. Had a great time.
Abigail was brilliant and provided just the right amount of help at the right time. Giving us a nudge, but still leaving us to work it out. We managed to escape with 53 seconds to spare!

Claire Iris O'Learyrecommends Clue HQ - Brentwood *****

Great family fun. First time we have tried this and was thoroughly impressed. Very friendly staff and event was well thought out. Would recommend to anyone considering trying an escape room. Watch this space , we will be back
Team Marshall

Carla Marshallrecommends Clue HQ - Brentwood *****

Absolutely Amazing experience, staff are very friendly and helpful!!, we successfully escaped detonation and bunker 38 🙂 Thank you Paul and Abbie for the clues x

Haley HobdonRecommends Clue HQ - Brentwood *****
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