do not book DungeonI feel it is very important to warn our customers that we received the following video along with a creepy note.

We had to cut the video short as the final part was too grisly and we can’t guarantee that our younger customers won’t stumble across it.

The message from us is very clear and unequivocal and that is do NOT book Dungeon of Doom in the Halloween Week.  We have been advised the period of darkness (of a spiritual nature) is Saturday 24th October to 1st November 2020 at 5.45pm or 7.45pm.  You should be safe if you book outside those times.

Please do WATCH THE VIDEO below so you know why we have had to put this warning out.  It is a bit disturbing of course but hopefully it will do enough to make sure that nobody books.

I’ll be providing instructions on how NOT to book Dungeon of Doom in that week below so nobody accidentally books it.

How NOT to book Dungeon of Doom in Halloween Week

When you visit

The first option you choose is the number of players – choose the option that matches your group size:

Now here comes the important bit.  You will be provided a list of games.  Choose anything but Dungeon of Doom.  I repeat do NOT book Dungeon of Doom if you plan to come in Halloween Week.  I hope the video has done enough to make that clear to you.

I will just note at this point that we have known for some screams to come out of Sacrifice even when it’s not Halloween but we put that down to overactive imaginations.

If you do book Sacrifice just make sure to have your wits about you and don’t let your imagination run riot.  I’m sure it will be fine
Do not book Dungeon
You then choose the Halloween dates 26th October to 2nd November by using the appropriate tab.  Make sure you haven’t booked Dungeon of Doom above before you move on.  Not even by accident.  I’m sure the warnings were enough.

Pick a dateThen simply pick a time in Green to play such as below 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm or 8pm

Pick a time to play

As long as you follow those simple steps outlined above at  our BOOK page 

and you have made sure you haven’t chosen Dungeon of Doom you have nothing to worry about.