Thank you for purchasing a gift voucher from us

To make it simple I’ve put together a few images that will help you with the process when it comes time to book

Redeem your voucher

Physical Guest passes for example our Early Bird offer are for up to 6 guests.  Even if you have less than 6 guests please pick 6 guests as that is the type of coupon code that it is.

Format of certificate code is 2018-<3 digit code>-<4 random letters> e.g. 2018-001-PRTZ

Once you lookup the code if you have a pin number and it prompts then enter that subsequently.

Once you have done that you would choose which game you wish to play and which time.  If you can’t find a suitable time in one game you can go back and try a different game.

To make your booking now goto our booking page and find the option in the top menu to begin

If you get stuck email us or use our live chat in the bottom right and we will come back to help you.  If it’s more urgent then call our helpline number.


Paul (Owner)