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We are now looking to expand and offer franchise opportunities. We can either create duplicates of our rooms, or make something completely different. We can set it up as part of a franchise deal where we take a license fee or you can purchase the room ‘outright’.


Themes are always important, and if you have an idea of what theme you’d like – even better! We can design the games to match the theme. We currently have 2 themes which can be recreated but there are many other genres to explore. If the escape game is an add-on attraction there is no reason why the theme cannot match the attraction it’s joining.


When we come on board we’ll ask for the dimensions of the room that your looking to fill with an escape game. We’ll draw up a floor plan as a basis for the game and discuss with you how you would like the game to work. We can vary the difficulty from easy to hard, and make it possible to adjust the escape time from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.


Management of the Build

If you’d just like the design, that’s fine! We’ll oversee the build and assist with improvements either remotely or in person dependant on location. We can arrange to build the game ourselves too, but it often works out better value for money to do this locally.


Graphics Design & Software

We can create all the graphics required for the game. This is a massive part of creating an immersive environment. The graphics can also be used on the website. We can also look after leaflet design if you would like these produced. We use special software to relay our messages inside the game which is custom built for Clue HQ.


Documentation, Testing, Training, and Opening

We have documentation backing up each game explaining all of the clues to assist with training games hosts. We’ll also be there for ‘test games’ to watch and improve the game before opening to the general public.