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What is an escape game

What is an Escape Room?

By | What is an escape game

So, you’ve heard the big buzz word on TV or from friends and they are talking about “escape rooms” or “escape games” and you’re wondering what is an escape room and whether they are for you? Let me break it down for you…

So, What Is An Escape Room?

An Escape Room Is A 60-Minute Real-Life Adventure Game.
You and your team will join together in a themed room and will have one hour to complete your mission and escape the room.  A successful escape will require you to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles throughout the room. So take a good look around and sometimes you will find things aren’t quite what they seem and something is hidden in plain site.  The puzzle may also require you to look differently at it. You may find a find or work out a 3 or 4 digit code which you find you need for a combination lock or a key for a padlock. Everywhere you look is a potential riddle or puzzle or clue to get out of an escape room and often one thing solved will next to your next clue to move forward.

Beating an escape room requires speed, patience, teamwork, and creativity and imagination. Escape rooms are perfect for couples, families, friends and colleagues.  Whoever you are with you will find that time flies as you get into that state of Flow. Escape rooms are fantastic experiences to share with other people, as you work together to achieve the goal of the room. Even if you don’t actually get out of the room, the whole team will have a great time and make memories that you will share for a long time. At Clue HQ Brentwood we are honoured to have celebrated many birthdays and anniversaries since 2015 and we even had a romantic proposal (aah).

It’s great to bring a large group to an escape game and we have rooms that go up to 10 players (5 vs 5) or we can have multiple games running at once. You can also have fun as a couple and certainly will keep you on your toes with lots to do. In the UK our model is to have private games so you don’t have to worry about being lumped in with strangers who may ruin your Mojo.

What makes the best escape games so popular (We have well over 1000 x 5 star reviews now)? Escape rooms are a whole new way of experiencing interactive storytelling and taking part in a real life adventure. Escape game players are immersed in an entirely different world with storylines that feel get the brain synapses firing on all cylinders and often we have escapes in the last minute – a real movie star ending!. No wonder they’re so addictive!


Each escape game room has its own unique scenario. You get to choose your own adventure by selecting the mission that sounds like the best one for you to try taking into account your experience, and the age and size of the group – our friendly customer service team can help if you need help deciding. Maybe you are trying to escape before the oxygen runs out, defusing a bomb before it goes off, breaking somebody who has been wrongly accused out of jail and escaping before the jailor returns or going head to head in a fight to the death. Once you step into the escape room, you will feel you are in a different environment, as your surroundings match the theme of your mission for example dungeon walls or in the inside of a criminal masterminds apartment/lair. These immersive worlds help you feel like you’re actually living out the story of your mission.

Once you step into the escape game room, your Games Master (your handy eyes and ears as you play the game), will make sure that you are clear on what is an escape room, the rules and answer any initial questions you have. Then, you will watch a video that explains your mission in full. Once the video ends, your one-hour timer starts counting down! After this, you’ll be interacting with the props in the room to uncover all the clues to piece together what you need to do in order to finalize your task in the time limit.

Don’t worry, you won’t be left totally alone in the escape room! You and your team will be helped through your mission by your Games Master (GM for short), who will be monitoring your game through mics and CCTV cameras in the room. We do not limit our clues like some places and these will come through on the screen with an incoming message sound. Escape rooms are meant to be challenging, yet fun and each game is calibrated to the team playing. An inexperienced twosome will need more clues typically than an experienced team of 4 for example.

In the majority of the games the door is not actually locked and if you need to come out you can easily. The only exception to this is the Sacrifice game and if you need to come out you can say something or raise your hand. There is also an emergency button right next to the door that can be used in an emergency and should power go the doors automatically open.

If you don’t escape in time, that’s okay! We aim for teams to have fun whether they succeed or fail. Whether you complete your mission in time or not, your Game Guide will meet you at the end of the game and open the room if you haven’t escaped yet. If you don’t escape it can give you that extra incentive to come back and beat a game next time. Practice makes perfect!

We were the first permanent escape room to form in Essex so we have run many many games and developed systems to deliver first rate customer service. You can play an escape room all over the World now and I have played various ones in other countries. We have had over 1000 x 5 star positive reviews and you can find predominantly positive reviews across the web – on Tripadvisor, Google, Reviews.co.uk and Facebook. We have won the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence every year we have been eligible.

Clue HQ Brentwood is one of the top attractions across all attraction types in the Brentwood area and you will struggle to find a local attraction with more 5* reviews. Clue HQ itself is one of the biggest franchises across the UK with locations across the UK and with over 10,000 x 5 star reviews among them you know it is a company to trust.

Our escape rooms offer a variety of puzzles, clues, and riddles to suit different people. When you come as a team you will likely have one or two things to solve somebody in each team will enjoy. All of the escape games are challenging, fun, and safe for children and adults alike. Many of my team have been with me for many years now and that allows us to develop consistent customer service. We also offer fun guaranteed or you money back so you have no risk.  

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