If you’ve found this page you’ve been called by Queen and Country to help with an emergency situation. I can’t give too much away but I can say it’s a matter of urgent National Security Of course, to say the world is in danger may sound OTT but…. the world is in danger and you and your team has been called.. Will you answer the call? Watch the following video and join us

Armageddon pits teams head to head to solve a series of puzzles in order to disarm the nuclear warheads before the World experiences Armageddon.  Do you have what it takes to pit your minds together.

This game can accommodate from 8 to 60 players with a max of 60 players across 10 sets (6 per team).

A prize awaits the winning team and a smaller prize shared between others who complete the challenge in the time limit.

Enjoyed by corporate teams from Councils, Big Banks, The Armed Forces, Schools, Stags and Hen Parties and More.

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