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Looking for a Chelmsford Escape Room?

By July 27, 2020Uncategorized

Chelmsford is an English city northeast of London with a population of around about 170k people. Google wants to match you to the best data for your search and I think it only fair to do the same.

If you are looking for a Chelmsford Escape Game then you are lucky to have two great providers and friends of mine on your doorstep. They are not the same company as me and I don’t make anything monetarily if you choose to use either of these two.

Chelmsford Escape Rooms

Chelmsford Escape RoomsEscape Live
Call: 01245 80 80 88
Call: 01245 261169

Of course we also do not want to turn away custom. You may find that the other escape rooms are full when you want to play (particularly for last minute/same day games) e.g. midday tends to get most busy or you may like the sound of our games or for example the ability to combine households in our vs game (Sacrifice) or you prefer our Covid secure measures or looking for a place with free spacious parking and not have the hassle of pay and display.

Of course we would love to have you and we are just a short drive from Chelmsford (just a short 22 minute drive down the A414). This may be more or less depending where abouts you are in and around Chelmsford. You can find details of our games here or go direct to book here or simply use our chat in bottom right to check availability or call us on 07494 499379

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