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What is an escape room experience like?

By July 22, 2020Uncategorized

If you are new to this whole concept. You may well be wondering what an escape room experience is like. In this short post I will give you a little more input behind the scenes of a typical escape room experience.

You begin the game in teams of 2 or more. The details of maximum occupancy are detailed on the website.

The story of your game will come through on the screen within the room and when the story finishes and the countdown timer starts, you can start moving around the room to try and find the first clue. You work with your team mate to solve the various clues to progress in the game.

The type of puzzles that you come across differ from game to game and may include combining things together in unexpected ways, physical puzzles, numeric or verbal puzzles and in some puzzles you may not be able to do it without teamwork.

Your escape room experience is not just you and your team though as at all times you have a gamesmaster watching and listening and they are there to aid you. To give you a nudge in the right direction when you are stuck. Each game is adapted to you and your team specifically as a team of 2 who have never played before will likely need more help than a team of 4 who have played over 100 games.

The advantage of this is that you are not limited by size or age or intellect (within reason – please check age details on our games page). All of the Clue HQ Games have a lot to do in your time and because of that you will almost always find that you really get into a state of flow and find that time flies as you play and try and solve all the challenges in your time limit.

If you goto our home page you can you see some further videos that give you a good flavour of the excitement of a typical escape game and what to expect.

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